These days, there are just about as many model ships as there are ships in the open seas. There are hundreds of different ships sailing the open seas today and they range from wartime ships and merchant vessels to cargo ships and luxury yachts. With this said, you are going to have a great number of choices to choose from and this means all you have to do is choose one that is both in your liking and skill level, if you are interested in building a model ship. How to pick one that you are going to like to put together and more about model ships is what we are going to talk about during this next article.


Since almost the beginning of time, ships have been sailing the open seas and lakes. Most of these ships have been used for things like transport, fishing and travel. Just about as old as actually using ships in the ancient times is building models of them. They were generally made of the best woods and beautifully crafted, since the people of ancient times depended greatly on their ships to bring bread and other goods.


Not only were these ships made of different materials and fine wood in the rare models kit, they were made in many different sizes. The most commonly used material was wood, which is true, as it is the easiest to mold and to carve. Bronze, lead and clay were the other materials people used to make models, but each material depended on the way the model ship was going to be used. Smaller models that were more than likely used as toys for children and big model ships that were used as votive for burials is what we have found. No matter what they were used for, if we scale the models to size, they were exact replicas of the actual boat or ship.


More than just ships, fishing vessels, warships, merchant ships, luxury ships, pirate ships, schooners and anything else you can imagine on the open ocean were also models. No matter if it is by size, skill level, beauty or luxury model kits materials used, you will be able to find the exact model you are looking for. A good understanding of how to handcraft these ships and boats, how to replicate the original and also what scale you would want it in is all you will need to have.


If you are interested in doing a model of some of the oldest ships, the oldest known models in Europe are those of galleys, galleons and carracks.



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